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Buy discount Earthquake Preparedness Kit 5 Person Emergency Disaster Preparedness Kit Survival Kit, 72 Hours, Disaster Preparedness Kit for Earthquakes, Fires, Hurricanes and Shelter in Place Disaster can strike somewhere鈥攅ven in one's private home, and when it does, the first 72 hours are usually the most painful, difficult and dangerous. September is National Preparedness Month, and the American Red Cross urges all of us to take simple steps to prepare our families for emergencies. The action steps are as follows: Get a toolkit, make a plan, get information. In this story, we'll take you through stocking up on your 5 Person Emergency Disaster Preparedness Kit so you and your loved ones can respond quickly when disaster strikes. Backpack Elements padded shoulder straps, peaked management and chest straps for balance during movement. Meets all the basic needs of 5 people. The Emergency Survival Kit contains all top-tier materials including: 1 large top-level backpack, compressed biscuit food, emergency water, fully stocked first resource pack, folding ax and hammer, getaway whistle. In this 5-person survival kit, there are 41 configurations, 208 kits, enough to keep 5 adults for 72 hours. Every object in our top-notch disaster preparedness kit survival kit is of the simplest quality. After a devastating disaster where your family sacrifices a lot, don't settle for subpar emergency supplies. You can rest assured that you are equipped with the most durable, highest quality equipment, along with a selection of compression and hydration products. We are committed to protecting and keeping your family healthy after a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or other major disaster event. Product parameters: Product Name:5 Person Emergency Disaster Preparedness Kit Item model number:BK-328 Size: 35cm*22cm*50cm Outsourcing material: Oxford cloth Outer color:camouflage design concept:Backpack features padded shoulder straps, top handle and dual-way zipper for stability while on the move Oxford fabric with 30 silk thick coating, wear-resistant, waterproof, tear-proof. Equipped with a variety of first aid protective equipment, life support items and earthquake emergency tools. Create an Emergency Disaster Preparedness Toolkit - Create your emergency package and figure out as a household the place you prefer to keep your package and all catastrophe supplies. Choose a vicinity that is handy - you want to make positive you can get there without problems after an emergency. 1. Water: 3 days of evacuation supplies 2. Compressed biscuits: non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items 3. Battery powered or hand crank radios AM/FM radio 4. First aid kit: (including 9 configurations, 19 sets) 5. Multifunctional 7 in 1 escape whistle: 7 in 1 function 6. Multi-purpose knife card 7.Water storage container 5L Sanitation and Personal Hygiene Products Copies of personal documents (list of medications and relevant medical information) Emergency Preparedness for Any Disaster - 5 Person Emer

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