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Jewels of the Indian Ocean

Our first stop was Christmas Island and yes it did give a warm peaceful fun feeling

A volcanic island in the Indian Ocean with birds, lovely lanscape, blowholes and diving.

Nature lover's take note

An adorable Juvenile Abbot Bobby

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Onions Vivian
Onions Vivian
Aug 01, 2023

Boston Red Sox Offense Doing Points it Hasn't Carried Out In Last 40 Years of Group History

The Boston Red Sox were brushed up by the Miami Marlins - in the house - today. The sweep dropped the Red Sox to 40-42 as we cross the halfway point of the season. The Sox ended up last in the division in 2020 and also 2022, as well as are in last area once again best now. They route the first-place Tampa Bay Rays by 15. 0 games and also trail the fourth-place Toronto Blue Jays by five video games. The wild card shots are fading as well, as Boston is 5. 0 games back of the final spot. The Sox have…

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